Home Decor


Recap of our first workshop: GATHER!

Saturday, September 23rd, from 9am to noon at Parkside in Camp Verde.


  1. Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner Party
  2. Re-run: Meal Planning
  3. Gather Sign (see the flyer for a photo!)
  4. Pumpkin porch decor

You may only choose one craft session. There is a $5 fee for the Craft sessions.

Childcare is provided. There is no cost for childcare, but a small donation to bless our helpers is appreciated.



Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner Party E-book Coming Soon

2016 Menu Planning Workshop with video (in case you missed the meal planning session)

Health and Home Expo, October 2016 Workshop

Promo October 2016 from My Intentional Home on Vimeo.

Staying Active as a Family