Be Still and Know

Be Still and Know

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we want to help you avoid stress and help you and your family focus on the true meaning of Christmas. 

A quick summary of Patty Zeid’s message:

How do we keep the holiday season the most wonderful time of the year?

In Psalm 46, God tells us to Be Still. That is a hard thing to do, especially this time of the year. Even if our bodies our still, we aren’t still. There are phones and TV and Facebook and PIntrest. Are we ever really still?

In order to really know who our God is, we need to take the time to be still and hear what He has to say to us. Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God”. Take the time this holiday season and be intentional about making time to be still with God. If you do, He will be your God in times of trouble as well as joy. You will know without a doubt that He is your God.  
Our craft workshops focus on homemade gift options you’ll love, including a beautiful “Be Still” wood sign and handmade lotion! 

Lotion Recipe:

In our main session, we’ll be talking about how to create family traditions that will help you enjoy the holidays more, stress less, and keep Christ in Christmas! You’ll learn how to create an Advent Calendar with fun family activities, as well as a 12 Days of Christmas Random Acts of Christmas Kindness tradition for your family. 

Click Here for recap and resources.

In our second session, we shared some great tips for gift giving and creating a budget to ensure a stress-free holiday.

Resources (coming soon!):


Emergency Preparedness April 2017

What would you do if the unexpected happened? If you or your spouse lost your job? If there were an unexpected illness or death? If a natural disaster occurred? 

Emergencies happen, and it’s important to be prepared! Join us for our April workshop and learn some simple and practical ways to be prepared!

Tuesday, April 18th from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Parkside Building. 

Let us know you’re coming & invite your friends! 

A Clean Slate, January 2017 Workshop

Feeling overwhelmed by mess and clutter in your home? In our January Workshop, we tackled the mess with great tips and tricks for success!

Why cleaning is important (Karen Palmer) & How cleaning can help your children’s brain development (Janet Taylor)

Karen’s Notes with Links to Sources (coming soon)

January Workshop – Part 1 from My Intentional Home on Vimeo.


Zone Cleaning

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Age chores , January 2017 from My Intentional Home on Vimeo.

Quick Tips and Tricks

January Workshop – Cleaning tips from My Intentional Home on Vimeo.

January Promo

January promo 2017 from My Intentional Home on Vimeo.